Saturday, September 28, 2013

As a friend

I can clearly see the wall which reminded us: “You don’t know what you have unless it is gone”. This was a source of regret before action. Yes, the presence of friends is not known at a time but as distance and time goes away some thought go back to a time where we couldn’t know each other. The time with our soul mates flies on a wing of laughter and smile. Some time they show up like a shooting star and never found again but only sweet memories. At some degree to someone; friendship even let us forget our parents’. Friends cover our loneliness and give warmth to feel our existence. Some time they take us t oo deep attachment and leave without teaching us how to live after them. Friends are both source of emotional component. Some will just fight and let us know what closeness is. Some will give enough satisfaction by helping each moment and some being in silence teaches everything. At a time of knowing friends there is a book telling us to be with it because school days are the time where types of friends are met and the book that should not be avoided.
Though millions people are around the globe but with few we share our feelings and hand. We never know the faith of meeting each other. I remember the talk with my friends when I was in high school about how we met. We said, “We got to meet because of our ID problems” because we were in private school. This wind of journey is unjustified because who ever we meet we feel we have met someone who really means us but we hardly think of someone better that we have never met. For me friends were source of inspiration because they always had something that I never had and I got to have those qualities in me. The most interesting things we take it from our friends are their supporting hand and words which never fades from our heart. Even if we are in hell with good friends we would enjoy the pain. Any where we go if we get to shake our hand with kind people we will never dissolve into longing .I feel sometime my life was best with friends because I still have many chit and letters from them which give me energy to go on with my lives. I always thank those people for letting me know who I was. I thank those people who were never selfish to give their love and care. If this book is on the hand of those friends who touched my eternity then they should also read my letter too if I have not replied at that time:
“Dear buddy,
“I didn’t know the plan of the god for I been stubborn. I thought nothing can open my eyes and make my heart so blind. I thought I was just pretending to be happy with tears inside. The crazy on my own first love and touch of books were my days. Look and admire the nature, eat what is provided, laugh for the dry joke and smile for it is being not charged. When it was winter I waited my autumn to see falling leaves. When it was autumn I wanted to rush with spring to watch new plants and flowers that captured my emotion .When it was something I wished something to happen with me is what I did until I met you all. There after I experienced my happiness in real and it was no more pretension. Every season became equal and meaningful. I started believing that moments were most important. Thereafter, I liked living though sometime things were acutely miserable, racked with the sorrow but through it all I still knew quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing. I started knowing the life’s passion being in embrace with you all and by seeking lasting contentment and knowledge. I always thanked god for giving you people when I was an individual. I used to think that I was born alone and must die alone but you people taught me there is a time in between, birth and death where I need to live not only survive. The very moment I might have been with least knowledge that you had provided. By not letting the memories go had let me understand everything in positive though you all might have never meant in that ways. You people just bloomed my soul where I could cheer myself by cheering you all. Some of you were pathetic with yourselves and you asked help from me and in the process of help I found I was becoming stronger. Your weakness gave me the strength to make things complete. Yours tears taught me that friends are to pull if one cannot climb up so that they would pull us when they reach high.
I had been thanking from that day itself when I met you all considering some misunderstanding but we always knew how to forgive each other. I remember there is nothing unshared and       unheard from you all because when I could talk I would have known how to listen too. I know I have never been on my own ways to defeat you all rather I had been weaker than you all trying to know what human values were. When I knew something I was never selfish to tell you and I never expected you all to listen to me ignoring my on example. I remember I was trying to value each and every one because you all were out of thousand but singularly unique. Most of the time I thought, how would be this particular me if I had never met you all who were more than angel above.
With thank and salute I also have so many apologies and sorry to be begged especially to the person who considered me their world and I being so stupid to choose them and not knowing  that they would have provided the world of happiness. It’s not that I failed to understand them but my understanding was not to hurt them because I was sticking to something I met before them. Now they have understood me because I was not doing strange things. It’s true that you all never gave me false smile when I was in need to cure my sadness. At these phase I don’t find any regrets because by any how we tried to continue our journey, I tried to hide problems but you people were too brilliant to know everything even the most secret one. It seems everything is memorable because we grew up sharing same breath around the four walls of our classroom. At last I could depart from you all because we part to meet again since we have buddy promise to meet again in life. Thank you very much my dear buddies who taught me how to live”.

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