Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mixed up with question and answers

When someone doesn’t find the ultimate answers they go with a question. Some shout, some become rid of everything and some dies without knowing the reason. When we are born we formulate ideas and follow the theory of existentialism; simple ways of knowing ourselves. Even if people are not aware of many ways of knowing oneself, one would still go in his or her own ways. This is one of the creative strategies that human soul comes in the world. The formulation of experience let it be good or frustrating, people still build adhesive conclusion. When people suffer life teaches the most because the imagination is so far and sometimes occupied by fairies thoughts that are out of the law of universe.
“The delights that sprung over the crowded imagination are inspiring. The magical hours that suspended the breath for the struggle of tomorrow are still unknown. The sleeping night that eyes got wide open is not night. The inquiry that are never been inquired for the necessity are like lips that prays for divinity. How further a man cannot speak after his answer that would stop him living. Why a voice never spoken for a questioner or breath taken from a man on dilemma? The legacy never printed upon mighty heart, the seclusion of efforts in the eyes of heaven.”
 The necessity can be survival but more was to take a pain. In same token does all morning sunshine brings joy and takes sadness or present success to troubled man? Definitely master would say it no. Although crawling child got to run toward its destiny but without notice .One cannot measure the gravity of his own needs nor assume how far he still need to travel. The man has not done greatness as he is incapable of going unnoticed. The paradox is that he wants to reach without start. Though the healthy spirit who had erected a castle is attractive but weak base is contradictory; how can people sleep without danger? So the state of mind is the absolute master of a situation, the moment secure and confident. The process of growing up, we being the creature of circumstances, why the nature does not shapes us into our desire, how many people die without sharing their stories? Who knows why linnet sings all their lives or why some people escape people?
 Why god writes fiction to our fate? Thus, People have spoken in the world because they had suffered……..

The answer is self
Everyone will agree one individual being different from other.  All individual traits like mood, strength and weakness are varied as the stars in the sky and pebbles on the beaches. Some people are born with it and some develops as he grows with experiences. Out of many I have seen those who free themselves from the rest with greater understanding. They are the best I guess because they have accepted themselves in right light. The greatest gift they receive is understanding about the reality principle. They might have blind strong sensitivity to the feelings of other. 
They seem realistic and they have pleasure being busy in knowing their capacity as super being who are afraid of freedom. They know how fortunate they are and what great obligation they have for other and society. They are adventuresome and relaxed by doing something that pleasures them. They become different because of their feelings that they couldn’t dare to tell other because people might feel it wrong. For that consciousness they like listening what other has to say then speaking what other would never understand. They are out of company and lives with self because they are still finding special friend and new discoveries. They also have eternal search for permanent lover. They attract people as they live with respect and dignity. They might hide from devil but not from life. So these are what I have learned from those people. Where ever I find such people I become silent because their life is full of passion and patience. I think they are artist who needs pain from this world which is chain of hurdle. They are the one who attain enlightenment through pain and secret truth.

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