Saturday, September 28, 2013

habitual thinking

   The influence of our evil habitual- thinking was so wrong.
   Thinking of the magnitude of the sky and failures,
  Mind creates myriad troubles and obstruction,
 Worried and inert, we filtered time away.

It was fine when we contemplated lie to nature of mind,
As confidence and faith in one’s heart grows
Humanity and modesty were bitter
But we seem expert in slander, ingenious to blame.

The freak mind depends upon desire that kills thoughts.
Dissolving into non-reaching fairy imagination,
Not knowing the gravity of self to the earth
We have been the slave not master of the soul.

When times passes up in clinging blindness,
Present are troublesome and hard
Piercing the dangers like axe in the wood 
The journey in future would be more hazardous than this.

There is a soul upon the soul of other
Trying to fly without feather with own zest
What one get is not the success?
 But bring oneself to the ground of insanity,

-Durga Raj

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