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My family and people around me

My family and people around me
My father is orphan whose paradise was lost till he made himself the best father has added believes to work hard in life. He taught me to talk with woods, trees and soil that once he was so attached with. He signified me that we can stand alone if we urge to stand in darkness to see the light one day.  My mother handling thousand of emotional pain and making her family stable have taught me to be a man of patience. She has a quality that even if I tell to the whole world I would still feel incomplete .She means a lot to me like anyone who does to their mother. Later my sister and brother leaded their own life style has helped me to build my carrier and my own lifestyle. My friends who didn’t listen to their parents had made me to listen to my parents. The people had hurt me many times but I knew I will never hurt them because the pain was hard to bear. Some beggars had let me think that it is better to beg than to steal. Some drunkard indirectly added lesson to my brain that drinking is a root cause of broken family and life too. Some spouse who couldn’t keep their promises and had to break up in-between has reminded me that I should become best husband and a father. Even ants have pierced my heart to work hard day and night. A child who has respect for all have made me to respect every one. Anyways with this good vision I dedicate my fruitful journey to my driver who were my teacher who had that heart to understand me  and my inner strength. Some time I thank my inner efforts which leaded me in good path knowing my elders and their advices. Being like butter, melt when it is heated and hard when freezes have made me comfortable to deal with others .However we cannot assure that we hurt no one because carrying our own truth and perspective that are different with other would definitely creates misunderstanding and hatred. Therefore, we must accept few things even if it is not good in the humanity because we are not born to impress everybody and sometimes we have to be a man of our own.

Being with elder and trying to know something from experienced person always helps those who are in seek of new wisdom. Though our wisdom does not only come from age, some time it comes from nowhere if one is concern with each moment and words. Knowledge will also come from small kids who have known nothing but their innocence still teaches elder .Even insect like bee who does not know their destiny seems so busy that it at least travel a distance equal to four times around the world for one kilogram of honey. So People have to learn from it to work hard as if tomorrow is the end. We should never neglect the words of our elders who want to see us doing well. Some time in my life I tried to do things myself neglecting my advisor but I could never hit the success. Still my perspective forces me to do what my parents has to say otherwise I would go wrong and get blame for not valuing their words. I remember one of my friend who was victim of car accident and made all people cry because nobody could see him after. His parents mourned with people in crimination saying that they have advised him not to go for drive but he didn’t listen to their words and he didn’t return home alive. Though people don’t die without reason but dying the way I have mentioned is kind of sad things for survivors. Who knows it never would happen if he had listen to his parents. It is contradictory but it is real to those who believe the fact of not listening others.

Our weakness

“It’s bliss when your parents tell you that you make them proud. It doesn’t matter how you are; their approval still counts in spades.”

One day I was sharing my feelings with my friend Prakash about our abilities and liberty we have as a human. We talked about so many choices in life that we can do as a boy but at last what we have concluded was that our parents were our weakness in everything we do. That time with that conclusion it really touched my inner nerves feeling that “yes our parents are our weakness”. It is true that our first thought will be our parents if we go wrong path. If our life was directly from heaven we would never fear about hurting someone. Since we are through parents we don’t go for everything in the world. We don’t want to fight with people thinking our parents will lose their dignity. We don’t want to settle somewhere far in the world from parents because we feel they would miss us. They have built us like a pyramid with each bricks of care and values. They have dreamt one day their children will look after them when they can work no more, so we don’t want to neglect them when we can stand by our own. We like to do well in life because we create happiness among families. We choose right path because parents had been taking us till now. We repay them because we have credit of taking their times when we were very young. We like to hold them because they had held us when we were not able to walk. Anyhow, repaying doesn’t mean doing what they have done rather it is more than that. We can never repay to our parents because giving birth is a great thing and un- returnable. We don’t value our parents and their presence because when everything is present we don’t know the value of what we have. For these we must learn from those orphans who wish if they had them. They will have certain desires for their parents but they can never be able to do that and they just cry over the sky telling “god you are selfish”. But those who have parents seem so nuisance and un- realistic. They hardly know, one day they will leave us making our eyes wet.
My heart still becomes silent about the situation in my class twelve. We were supposed to give extempore speech in the class by picking the topic from box. It was smooth for me when rest of my friends talked about something but Wangmo made a difference without speaking. It was her turn and she picked out the paper and looked at the topic but she faded with silence and I saw hurt in her eyes but I didn’t know the reason at that time .She told whole class that she doesn’t have the experience about “mother love” and she told us that we would have many experiences unlike her and she took a sit with blushing smile on her face where our class had a reason to become silent and feeling her emotions. This experience had let us know how people would feel without someone where whole world has around them.
Therefore, how many of us remember our parent thanking god for having we as their child? When is the first day our mother hugged us tight as we being so obedient and loyal to her advices? How many of us can count a teacher who considered us as their favorite student? How many of us appreciate ourselves for not hurting anybody till now rather we have said sorry even when it was not our mistakes? How many of us still feel the letters where our friends had written “Thank you for letting me know what life is or you are best part of my life”…………

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