Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our world

This planet holds beautiful lives. The brief of life is to born without ideas and dream of living, choosing someone dearly out of thousand and get married. Lastly, choose a land on earth, get settled and die but take nothing only soul. But what is in between this three stage? I would say “attachment”. From the parent’s attachment to internal attachment of conception of fetus, life begins. Externally with mom’s breast and dad’s hand we grow up to siblings embrace. Later with outer human with feelings and intimacy we attach and finally with the soil and fire, then with wind we travel to the feet of god again. So life is all attachment and creating a dream with opened eyes and if cannot by closing.
Just taking a breath for sake of surviving was never meant for this world. As it has revolved around the sun to give day and night, we had to move accordingly to discover the treasure of life. For a barren world there was a need of new creations. There were personal responsibilities to modify this manageable earth. Every raw material was under the ground and we were to discover things. Like a diamonds, which were once ordinary stone, like a rock which has the statues inside but not unless sculptor mold it.
Looking at the moment, like a life of heaven on earth. Thinking about the second that sparked the ideas which changed the world is a miracle. What lies in the mind of individuals who achieve greatness and fame? Pondering why some people are so restless and some so workless seems unfair. I appreciate the great figures who had acted more than a god. They deserve the worship for making this planet a beautiful place to leave in. What god had done for us just lies in the reasons of people with their religion but the work of scientist lies to all with same feelings and one religion which pray ‘thank you’.
This legitimacy planet never expected the blood on the ground and disjoined body nor the words of hatred. Soul above would have imagined the love among us when they first created human flesh. Even the beginner’s citizen of the world would have visualized the happiness of coming human but what actually the brave brain has spoken today? Where the world has reached now, why some people don’t understand what the meaning of living with peace is. Why people wants to take others life if they don’t want to live themselves? What is that thought that inspires to be terrorist? Anyhow thing proceeds with reasons and one hope of satisfaction. Life is for each and needs defense till we die.

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