Saturday, September 28, 2013

Perfect stories

The perfect thing touches our soul. Perfect things makes us joy and always gives us different feelings that were never felt before. This is a reason why there is a biography of great person on planet. There are movies and drama about perfect things in life. Songs are perfect. There is perfect character in books that we cannot find in reality. People like that and wants that to happen on them but it is never happening and we don’t know why?
As I have told in previous chapter that people are still searching and finding about the abstract reality. Perfectness is the creation of mind and it doesn’t happen pragmatically. Nothing is perfect for mind though it is created perfectly. Love is not perfect, marriage is never perfect and knowing each other has never ever been perfect. People don’t let other to be perfect. This is a reason that no one is perfect. To be perfect we should not be living. This is what I wonder and it is wonderful things about human being. We happen to be the most intelligent animal but most sarcastic in nature. In wisdom we know is less than animals. We do things knowingly but animal do it unknowingly. That is why we are sinner, we are more likely to ask forgiveness from god but animal never does it.
 We create more mistakes and we are afraid of god so religion was created. People started teaching people and the superiority evolved. When superiority evolved the decimation was manifested. This manifesto has created imbalanced in natural world and the competition among individual increased. When competition increased, life became like a race for everyone. When people started running they ignored small things around. From this people started believing in destination which is end point. So human has ignored everything happening at the moment for the interest of future. People started working so hard but could not fulfill and they started telling that tomorrow will never come which is a big lie. So how can we become perfect if we don’t realize that life is to have fun?
Actually who doesn’t know what’s the meaning of living is? Everybody knows it but we started believing in others. We started living for others not for ourselves and that is why we miss our freedom. I feel life is very big illusion that no one can understand. If we really understand than those who are dying must laugh and die because at the end we have known nothing about life since nothing is important.

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