Sunday, September 29, 2013

Perfect country to be born and die

In this small country I watch every sun rise in hopes of seeing the beautiful days ahead. I see the spectacle of morning from the hill-top over against my peaceful house, from dawn to dusk, with emotions which people might share. The long slight crystal of clouds floats like eagles in the desert of hot light. The hope and inspiration to survive strikes like a spurting fountain at the moment of each sunrise remains for three seconds and disappears. It has always been one more reason to keep going. I realize that peaceful country always drags us to find more and more, it is significant to feel happy. I love Bhutan because the living cultivations are priceless: clean air to breathe, stillness in politics, solitude and space of freedom and containment. It has unobstructed view every day and every night of smiles, culture, ornaments ,hills, moon and stars and so on. These are the components enough to let thoughts and feelings range from here to the end of the world and back; the discovery of something intimate. This is a place that I chose to live and die for hundred reasons not only for luxury but in a necessity of the human spirit.
Bhutan is the daughter of volcanic plates that erupted upon the sky. Now it kisses the incense of god and relaxes in the palm of sun. The cold wind of heaven embraced the daughter into mother   nation. Herbs and medicine preceded the vision of spirituality. The necessity of surveillance captured the eyes of human. It created dramatic significance to the founder of truth and mediators. Later it was sojourn to the exiled saint who was the precious jewels at whose feet one submits popularly known as Zhabdrung Rinpochhe. Without his presence Bhutan would never be born as a unique nation. He is a man behind every success and unification. His vision and prayers was the root of Bhutanese strength. Most of the custom and culture originated from him where present citizen of Bhutan feels it should never be lost.
The happiness after depended upon wars and victory, blood and tears. For small and land locked soil there was a need of right leader who can visualize the peace in future. Some decades lasted with consequences and fight and there were different opinions for the same thing. There were attack externally and dispute internally till the birth of monarchy and leadership.
The modernization had just pinched Bhutan when western world were at the end of globalization but their sweats must be counted when we can realize how we stand today. We know our ancient citizens were restless and undefeated to make living for them and coming generation. Now nothing is unseen if we measure the growth of developments. We can assume that Bhutan has reached to the start point were identity is counted as nation. It means our dragon can swim in the air of Bhutanese breath and take over the guidance and values. Now, people continue their services, Monarchy has already taken over the rest. When citizen has right to survive there is a touch in people that they would do something for country and wellbeing.
This place has been gift of god, the fertile soils kills the Bhutanese hunger. People never stopped making a valuable contribution to the continuity of human race. The Himalayan Rivers would have produced thousand watts of electricity before dumping into Brahmaputra. Those hilly mountains are now curved into waves of tarries. Unlike in the past, today, people enjoy night as equally as day with glowing bulbs and each home has at least produced doctor and an engineer. After these what is the need in human that compares haven lives? There is nothing greater than being lived as human. It may go beyond of invention but it’s just of creation and for reassure. Rich nation does not make peace full people but Bhutan being a poor country has made every one rich and happy.
The glory that captures the Bhutanese eyes is the hill that glows late dusk. The birds that sing and dance mountain to mountain and return to the nest build on unknown caves. Moreover, its people who lose their sweats for few grains that are swallowed for quite happiness. Heavens need not be in the skies rather it can be in the land that has happiness and the joy that takes nightmares. Bhutan has measured minimum of spiritual lives. To those who lives for eternity, Bhutan and its custom teaches a lesson that birth must be followed by the death.
And the places
There are no hidden beauties and greater differences in any places nor does it have any power of healing this lonely heart. Every place takes a power of eyes that are in touch with inner feelings. The place need not be crowded or designed with artificial ornaments to grab the happiness. The reality lies in the natural peace and in the arts of god that are most beautiful. Mostly this virgin land holds the gift of heaven and captures the new eyes. Our joy is realizing that all of nature’s beauties exist for our pleasure because beauty is for feeling heart. Any land on this world has chosen its own place and takes the shape of earth. It has its own adaptation and seasons. It chooses its own birds and animals, crops and vegetables. Therefore, it is the simplicities in nature that are the most soothing to our soul. Every place remains same as it did century ago but it shows changing colours with every coming seasons with new lessons and feelings. It tells us that we too are changing with time and space. There is a nature never selfish for human values. There are inspirations with every act of natural forces. The wisdom taught by it is what we hardly obtain from human.
I ask myself, would I have been a different sort of person if I had born in Las Vegas or in concrete jungle instead of Bhutan where every lonely nature wants to speak up. Perhaps not, but the people I have met along the way who has greater influence would have been completely different. The person with whom I cherished the happiness, the mates with whom I faded my sadness and one who lightens the burden of mine would never be the same. Mostly, to make a buck would be easy but to make a difference without teachers would be unattainable. Therefore, the holidays I consider this life from heaven. It is sort of a party I got to enjoy being in this beautiful hills and mountains. This is sojourn where people pray to live before they close their eyes to unknown world. Within a country we change a place to live and continue learning and once I wrote it when I was in Paro:
“Through extensive coverage of mind, looking Paro intently into its beauties; I found myself into sadness sojourn. Walking under all the shaded willows, the melody of music in its stillness causes no wholesome monotony of all chirping birds and creping insects. The visitor’s passes by capturing the monster build on the hill of stable peak of Rimpung. Its architect takes one to ancient era where people have suffered and created miracle.
The silver lining clouds flies over the elegant town of happiness providing rain to upset farmers. When those crops are grown into golden yellow it dances with the tone of western wind. The soft waves are momentous and create beauty in the eyes of those who finds the pleasure in nature. Seasons changes and we do with the colours of feelings creating no bias with past, we know how to live a day completely.
                             The moment of life all mystery and illusion
                                          I see crack in every sun
                           Unexpressed bemoan and drunk with grief 
                                                   In deep and deep
                        Nature are never tired of giving human values

The motivation is created with myriads of trouble, with the journey we travel without parents. We become little father of our own, a mother when we cook for ourselves. Every next place had been a second home where we knew how to live alone. Paying the rent out of empty purse and trying to fetch someone without oneself eating.
                         To see the world in a grain of sand, And heaven in a wild flower
                           Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour 
Knowing what I was fighting for, I kept struggling for my dream than I loosed the battle of everything. If not today I see the world better, tomorrow it might disappear. The fact is that no one knows about our plan and hope. Our path is always there and we go along the way we find happiness and comforts.

12/ 5/2011
“The mountain makes man realize just how insignificant he is. At the same time, they allow one to remain an individual instead of being swallowed up in the crowd. Like Ruskin Bond have chosen hill for poetic living, I also choose the hill for the purpose of writing. Being in this simple country it was a chance to know what is best in surviving. Life takes anywhere, like sometimes of widely, despairingly; acutely miserable, racked with the sorrow, but though it all, I still knew quite certainly that just to live is a grand thing. So I like living than just to survive the breath.”
As I was able to realize what Bhutan was from the sense that I thought Bhutan was the small place where I was grown up. That time, I visited one faraway place and I found Bhutan in the sign board of a shop and I asked my brother, “how come it is Bhutan again?” He explained me that Bhutan represents the name of the country where we live in. I got something in my head but I was not clear with my empty head.  As day went on and being wide awake I came to know what it really was. Thereafter, my reality was Bhutan and those soils I was so well rooted with. Now as I visit every new place I feel am completing the puzzle of Bhutan’s map. With every exploration and being encaged with each individuals I feel new people to these place will never fade into loneliness or get separated with the humanity because the broad smile and kindness shown by our citizens supports the feelings of each vacationer. There is some appreciation that I don’t ever loose knowing the people of country side. I admire those farmers who work day and night making a valuable contribution to the continuity of human race. I like the way they know less and makes human life easy and desire less .There is no cocktail parties nor there is advanced literary crowed but there is their own ways of creating happiness and living completely with their loved one.

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