Saturday, September 28, 2013

Secret addition

I thought knowing what others have written was waste of time to believe them until I knew I was addicted for it. When I discovered my own words I got to believe the words of each person that used to inspire me with new feelings. If I had not completed reading my first book I would never have known the taste of books I had done after. I would also never have had conversation with rest of the authors who left the world so early. Though I started with romance and love for I being young but the interest shifted towards philosophy and realistic fictions to my own ideas. How would I have been if I have not profited my first inspiration, I would just remain as one ignorant individual. Those writers died without being recognized but imprinted the lesson for coming hands and rectified the experience of others. The tone and tragedy of those chapters were my living examples that I needed no practical happening. Even being right inside the dark room I could touch the desert, sun and darkness. Being in the soft blanket I could touch the thorns that came across on the path of those authors journey. I know the touch that I still feel through each book. I am crazy that even my toilet became reading room.
This was my addition that if I had told my friends I would be coward and undisciplined but was secret unless I wrote this. Until if one of my teacher have not told me about reading books I would never have started nor knew the capacity of making oneself smart and confident. This is for all readers that, you have thought it right and hope you all have same experience like me. I suggest reading if someone has never started but I guess the one who read my book is a reader. Though I have known least but I think in little ways I got to accelerate myself to be a writer and I will never end my determination till I die.
Through books, one gets to experience love, prejudice, war, peace and even sex. Life becomes lighter because we tend to understand from experience of others. Let it be of any topics there is a conclusion or theme that is sometimes new for us. People’s imagination is too vast that the climax or situation created is fairy thoughts that never happen to human but it is of fact and truth. Like in massage in the bottles, how can that bottle reach a girl without breaking? Why Paulo Coelho says that we should never try to realize our dream otherwise we would have no reason to go living. Sometime things don’t teach us but we try to learn from it and that is what it exactly happened to me.
Why all the authors had exciting life was my first question that dragged me to write this book. I used to ponder why John Milton wrote paradise lost when he was blind and not in his normal ability. I thought why most of the authors are pessimist of marriage and desire of pain? But I knew all the answers that author needs a pain and emotion in order to flow the words from their heart. They want their pain uncured. Like, if Helen Keller was not blind she would have just enjoyed her life with seeing without feeling but being a blind she said, ‘Beauty must be felt’. Despite being blind she had read several books. She understood how sun shines, how flower blooms and the entire natural phenomenon through her finger tips. May be she knew everything and she had written “nature is not always kind.” Or Buddhist monk would never say life is all energy if he had not experienced the meditation.
The liberty we have is to express our perspective within the boundary of truth. Like someone destroying other to obtain their happiness or violence for independence is what this world is in conflict. Some people are so curious about their passion and sacrifices life so easily. I think even a terrorist will have their own reason because we all know how we feel when we are betrayed. Since there is nothing false or bad there come lots of books that a law has to ban for its allegory and irony. But what I mean to say is that we the readers have all right to read and realize.
Books are amazing when we read it and trying to read author’s state of mind. There are lots of amazing facts written that we have never thought of. People have taken years to write it but it could be read within a day or hours. Book holds the truth, teaches oneself to act smatter and better. It is the source of inspiration and confident and of course a friend that is together any time. But books are sometime like a narcotic, the more we read the more we want to read and feel like doing nothing than reading which is not good for a people at work. This is my personal experience and I don’t mean it to discourage but just a suggestion. But if we miss reading we will always miss something that are hidden because feelings beyond the sky are found in books

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