Saturday, September 28, 2013

Something aroused

From the great voice of heaven, without beginning and end, human feelings were manifested. At every time sadness and happiness occurred, the doubts and fear were liberated. Towards try and error with confidence several cowards aroused. With countless cowards courage to live aroused. Sometimes pyramids were built in eyes but the floods of tears washed into the crystal of sadness, new hope aroused. Some days went to pleasant plains with fearlessness phenomenon possessing beauty and dignity. By then self-existing was known which expends into space of without beginning or end. Like a sunshine hiding moon, ignorance was known. What is the ultimate truth still not begin but breathe to the end never ended. The courtesy to please others mind and their; hospitality aroused. We exist and let other exist; kindness evolved.
Being aware of our limitation we knew in what we were capable of. Being benefited, we became loyal with them. Knowing we were wrong, it was never too late to apologize. There were difference everywhere and we controlled being condemned for them being different.
When causes were harmful we learned to ignore and got to attain the security. We got to enjoy after problems being solved but also tackled the problems. Knowing that desire was miseries we meditated for emptiness and tried to be happy for what we have never desired. We nourished our wants by delay. We had empathy for us being in pain. We got to love because we wanted to be loved. Fortunes were unknown and everyone tried to be the architect of their dreams. There was foolishness in every error and became good teacher. Every things were simple but unconditionally had to suffer while discovering the human heritage. Fighting with unconditioned circumstances and not able to forget the shadow of death is a life. It was not works that killed but worry.

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